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Expired Event - Yoga Alignment Workshop - 14 Apr 2021

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Yoga Alignment Workshop

Wed 14 Apr 2021
Parking Available, Public Transport, Toilet on Site
Event will continue in wet weather
Join Brooke for this informative and practical workshop to deepen your yoga posture (Asana) and understand the correct technique for foundational yoga poses. During the workshop you will be assisted directly, hands-on, and indirectly via cues. This will enable the student to understand correct techniques and alignment based on the ‘feeling’ within their body to take into their yoga practice outside of the workshop.

Brooke was taught by Judit Varga whom was taught by Simon Borg-Oliver of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. The Yoga Synergy style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy and yoga physiology and these teachings have strengthened Brookes knowledge of Asana practice and assisting students in 'feeling' correct alignment within their body.

During this workshop you will discover the appropriate technique for the Sun Salutation practices and inclusive poses, as well as proper chuturunga technique with use of props to prevent repetitive stress injury. Additionally we will explore proper technique for spinal adjustments and balancing postures.

We will also explore the concept of ‘path of least resistance’ and how this could be holding you back in both the mind and body and preventing you from deepening your yoga practice.

Yoga mats will be provided, however if you have the following it is recommended you bring the following:

-Yoga Mat

-Yoga Block

-Yoga strap

-Water bottle


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop to get comfortable so that we can begin on time. It is recommended to not eat a heavy meal prior to this workshop.

Venue: Movement Remedies, Gurwood St Wagga Wagga

Time: 6-8pm Wednesday 14 March

Includes: Vegan desserts to enjoy after the workshop!

Namaste Yogis

What previous students have said:

It was a wonderful experience. Extremely enlightening. Brooke I extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help. I look forward to many more sessions under Brookes guidance. - Justine

Brooke produces such calm classes and teaches useful skills that are helpful with any situation. These skills are so simple yet so effective that anyone can learn them and use them. She has an amazingly positive attitude and such an uplifting perspective on life that can make any ones day. Going to Brooke`s classes improves balance, state of mind, strength, alignment and flexibility which all round improves wellbeing. Her classes have impacted my look on life which is why I would recommend her classes for anyone. Thanks Brooke - Jaida

Yoga has been a seminal part of my restorative journey for 3 years now.
Over the course I have practiced yoga under at least 15 different yogi's, most of them in Canberra in very well established studios and themselves having practised yoga for a decade or in some cases many decades.
I was truly astonished to hear that you graduated as a yoga instructor earlier this year 2017 because the example of your alignment, flexibility and balance in each of the poses you demonstrate coupled with the ease you exhibit and your inviting instructions reminds me of the excellence that 20 year veteran yogis exhibit.

This is joy to me as it fosters trust.
It fosters trust because your balance is in what you do and how you example each pose and this matches your words.
Thank you for your attention to detail in alignment and your dedication in the example.

In my tight body, alignment is always the first thing that is compromised with a shortcut when I try to keep pace with a class.
In your class Brooke, your excellence inspires me to ease into correct posture balance and alignment to the best of my ability and not compromise or shortcut.
To me this is what yoga is all about - feeling and breathing into mindfully doing my best without rushing, without being self conscious.

Thank you. - Alistair
Movement Remedies, Gurwood St Wagga Wagga
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