Dog off leash areas

Wagga Wagga City Council has six Off Leash Areas for the community’s dog owners to have suitable exercise and play facilities for their animals. By following the rules and guidelines, the use of the off leash areas can be an enjoyable time for both owners and dogs.

Off Leash areas

  1. The existing fenced dog run area located at Narrung Street on the southern boundary of the Wiradjuri Golf Centre driving range.
  2. Wilks Park, North Wagga Wagga; The area bound by the southern side of Parken Pregon Lagoon, the eastern side of Hampden Avenue and the northern side of Central Island Road.
  3. The Boat Club Reserve, Lake Albert; The area between Plumpton Road and the Boat Club car park on the southern side of Nelson Road.
  4. Willans Hill; The area bound by the east of Captain Cook Drive, the south of Beauty Point Avenue and all of Willans Hill Reserve south of Leavenworth Drive.
  5. O’Halloran Park, Lake Albert; The Dog Agility Track has fun, comprising obstacles such as weaving poles, seesaw, walking ramps and various level jumps. O’Halloran Park Dog Agility Track caters for a variety of doggy fitness levels.
  6. Forest Hill; The area at the intersection of Cypress Street and Kurrajong Avenue and adjoining the western side of Wagga Wagga RAAF base.

Off Leash Areas Rules and Guidelines

  • Area is only available for use in daylight hours
  • You must have control of your dog at all times. Even though it is an off leash area and you must prevent it from harassing, attacking and chasing other people or animals. Any attacks may result in a Dangerous Dog Declaration being placed on your dog and you may be liable for any damages.
  • All faeces must be picked up and placed in the waste bins provided.
  • Your dog must be wearing a collar with identification tags and be lifetime registered.
  • Declared Dangerous Dogs are prohibited to be off leash in an off leash area.
  • Restricted Breeds are prohibited to be off leash in an off leash area
  • Where the areas are fenced, wheeled recreational devices and motor vehicles are prohibited.
  • Any breach of these requirements could result in infringements being issued to owner and/or dog being impounded.

If you require further information please contact Regulatory Services on (02) 6926 9202.

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