A healthy environment is vital for a functional and vibrant society. We should also acknowledge that many of the resources which support our economy come from the natural environment – with one particularly important example being the farms that feed us. It is in all our interests that we look after the natural assets of the Local Government Area. Here are some easy ways in which you can help:

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Help

  1. Please put your rubbish in a bin
  2. Before you light a fire, check with the Rural Fire Service (Ph: 6931 5855) that there are no fire bans in place. Report any bushfires or suspicious smoke to the fire services – call 000 immediately.
  3. If you choose to smoke, please place your butts in a bin or car ashtray.  Butts thrown from a car window can quickly start a bushfire.
  4. Report any pollution to the Environment Protection Authority by phoning 131 555.
  5. Please be water wise at all times. It’s tempting when you are on holidays to take longer showers or not turn taps off properly.  Remember, it’s the little things that make a big difference.
  6. When bushwalking or mountain biking, stay on marked paths and camp in recognised camping areas. If you light a fire, use a properly constructed fireplace where possible and ensure it is fully extinguished before you depart.
  7. Avoid feeding native animals. It might seem cute or fun but wild animals can become reliant on humans for food, which takes away their natural instincts. This poses a greater risk to their survival in the natural environment.
  8. If you see an injured native animal, contact WIRES wildlife rescue service on 6921 5135.
  9. Watch your pets if you take them on holiday with you. Please help protect native animals and birds.
  10. Please respect the rights of local residents by not trespassing on private property.

It's easy when you are on holidays to consume more than you normally would. You might take a longer shower, leave lights on or throw recyclable litter in a rubbish bin. Be aware of you actions. The environment never takes a holiday!

Most of all, when you are out and about in Wagga Wagga, STOP OFTEN - listen, smell, look wide - and appreciate the environment that is around you!

Credo of the Peaceful Traveler

Travel gives you the opportunity to try new activities, explore new cultures and meet new friends.  The City of Wagga Wagga is a member of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism. IIPT are dedicated to making travel and tourism the world's first global peace industry by promoting the belief that every traveler is potentially an 'Ambassador for Peace'. IIPT aims to mobilise the travel and tourism industry to be a leading force for poverty reduction.

IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler

Grateful for the opportunity to travel and experience the world and because peace begins with the individual, I affirm my personal responsibility and commitment to:

  • Journey with an open mind and gentle heart
  • Accept with grace and gratitude the diversity I encounter
  • Revere and protect the natural environment which sustains all life
  • Appreciate all cultures I discover
  • Respect and thank my hosts for their welcome
  • Offer my hand in friendship to everyone I meet
  • Support travel services that share these views and act upon them and,
  • By my spirit, words and actions, encourage others to travel the world in peace
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