Transported Stock Statements for Horse Movements Now Available Online

By Local Land Services
Archived 21 Nov 2020 - Posted: 22 Sep 2020
Recording the movements of your horse has just become easier for recreational horse owners, with Transported Stock Statements (TSS) for Horse Movements now available online and free to download from the Local Land Services website.

Transported Stock Statements for Horse Movements are necessary for tracing horse movements for biosecurity purposes and are also useful in helping the NSW Police identify stock theft.

Scott Ison, Business Partner for Animal Biosecurity and Welfare with Local Land Services, said the NSW Government has listened to horse owners, who were seeking an easily accessible form, to help them meet their biosecurity responsibilities.

“Transported Stock Statements for recording horse movements are not a new requirement, and it is essential horse owners understand how and when they need to use a TSS,” said Scott.

“We’re making it easier for horse owners to access these important forms by making a new dedicated Transported Stock Statement for Horse Movement available online, and free to download.

“This new form does not have a serial number, so horse owners can print it, share it electronically or even photocopy the form to ensure they always have a copy on hand at times like going for a trail ride, taking their horse to a riding lesson or even to see the farrier.”

This dedicated TSS for Horse Movement (without a serial number), cannot be used for transporting any other type of livestock as it does not meet National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) requirements.

Previously purchased TSS forms or TSS Booklets are still eligible to use for recording the movements of horses or other livestock. It is also important to note if you are making a return trip on the same day you only need to complete one form.

There are a number of exemptions including horses being transported for work such as mustering, horse riding events such as pony club or shows, or the transportation of race horses or harness racing horses. People are encouraged to carry proof of the exemption as they may need to present it to Police on request. People are advised to use a TSS if they are in doubt.

Presently there is an increased focus on ensuring horse owners are complying with TSS requirements.

“NSW Police launched Operation Stock Check in August 2020 resulting in more monitoring of people trucking horses and other livestock around NSW,” said Scott.

“Be prepared, you are likely to be pulled over and asked by the NSW Police for a TSS for the horse you may be moving.

“If you do not have a TSS with you or your horse does not meet any of the exemptions, you may be fined.”

For more information on when you need a TSS for Horse Movement please visit:

Visit the website to download the form.
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