The Magic Ingredient in Australia’s Favourite Christmas Cake

Source: Lions Australia
Archived 10 Feb 2020 - Posted: 12 Dec 2019
Christmas is just two weeks away and Australia’s favourite festive treats are back!

Lions Clubs across the country are now selling the famous Lions Christmas cakes and puddings in their local communities. Lions Australia’s Christmas cakes have become a tradition in thousands of Australian homes renowned not only for exceptional flavour and quality but also for warming the heart.

Perfected over the years, the traditional Lions Australia Christmas cake recipe is packed with high quality ingredients and 50% fruit but there’s one magic ingredient in this cake that sets it apart from the rest.

The Lions Christmas Cake makes a difference. With all proceeds going back to Lions Clubs and initiatives across the country, the cakes help fund a range of vital projects including disaster relief.

Lions Australia CEO Rob Oerlemans says the organisation is expecting many clubs to be using this year’s Christmas Cake profits to support those impacted by the bushfires.

“Lions Christmas Cakes have become a tradition in Australian households. This isn’t just because they are renowned for quality and taste but because when buying a Lions cake you know you are supporting a good cause and making a difference. Each club that takes part in the program makes a profit that they can either use on a Lions project or donated back into their local communities,” says Lions Australia CEO Rob Oerlemans.

“Right now, Lions right across Australia are rallying together to do what they can to support people affected by the bushfires. We expect many clubs will be using the Lions Christmas Cake fundraiser to help those impacted communities get back on their feet,” says Rob Oerlemans.

"Through Lions’ incredible network of over 1300 clubs we are able to deliver goods and support quickly and can be sure it will go to where it is needed most," says Rob Oerlemans.

Lions Clubs are already working with their local communities to identify those who need support from the bushfires. This is why in times of crisis Lions is so effective in distributing support quickly and to those who need it most.

Christmas cakes and puddings are Lions Australia’s largest annual fundraiser. Since the first 1 pound cake was introduced in 1965 the fundraiser has raised an impressive $60 million to help drive community programs and projects across Australia. Australia’s appetite for the Christmas sweet is still strong with over 400,000 Christmas Cakes sold last year.

The sales help fund the incredible work of the organisation in communities across Australia. In addition to disaster relief Lions Clubs drive a range of community service projects and initiatives ranging from youth programs, medical research, aid to people with disability and environmental work.

Lions Australia proudly partners with Top Taste Bakery for its Christmas Cake initiative each year. Based in Brisbane, Top Taste uses Lions’ recipes to bake the thousands of traditional Lions Christmas cakes and puddings.

Purchase a Lions Christmas cake or pudding.

To donate to Australian Lions Foundation’s Bushfire Appeal - select the “GiveNow”link.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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