Powershop Launches Free Book to Teach Kids about Saving Power and Saving the Planet

Source: Powershop Australia
Archived 20 Jun 2020 - Posted: 22 Apr 2020
Powershop have today launched a free interactive digital book to help families get a better understanding of their household energy use called ‘Pond Party’.

This unique book features Australian species that are vulnerable due to climate change and showcases the simple measures families can take at home to help reduce their energy use and save money on their household bills. The book will be available to both Powershop customers and non-customers.

Powershop spokesperson, Michelle Grigg said that after the devastation of the 2019/2020 bushfires, Powershop wanted to provide their customers with a framework to have actionable and positive conversations with their children about climate change. 

“Pond Party is a fun way for families to talk about climate change and the steps they can take to lessen their impact on the environment. Whilst we’re dealing with the ongoing effects of the bushfires and now COVID-19, a digital book which can be read at home and responds with the ways people use energy in their home, is an educational and entertaining tool for both customers and non-customers alike.”

The book features vulnerable and endangered native species including ‘Penny’ the Long Footed Potoroo (Victoria’s most endangered mammal) and Goldie the Golden Bell Tree frog, to aid in spreading awareness of the endangered native creatures most vulnerable due to climate change. The story outcome changes depending on the household's energy usage. When energy consumption is lowered, the party becomes a greater success and the party more vibrant. There are tips and tricks on how to save power dictated throughout the book to help families become more energy-efficient and save money on their bills.

Chapter activities include:

  • First things first, we send invites by email - it’s much faster and greener than sending by a snail. 
  • To set a good party mood, Goldie needs great party food, Certain delicacies and treats you can’t just buy up the street. Catch worms that are slippery and messy - Mother Nature’s Spaghetti.
  • Some decorations are in order for this event by the water, hang beautiful flowers as a festive flower border.
  • Goldie needs your help making hoppin’ party tunes. To sing notes that are great, she’s bought in some mates. Frankie and the Frogs have got what it takes.

Some of the tips and tricks to save energy include:

  • Switching off electricity at the power point when not in use.
  • Not using lights inside when the sun is shining.
  • Make a draught stopper out of an old stocking and socks.
  • Tell a grown-up to only use the dishwasher when it’s full.
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