Managing Erosion Before and After Floods

By NSW Local Land Services
Archived 28 Jun 2021 - Posted: 30 Apr 2021
Following severe flooding across large parts of NSW, Local Land Services is urging landholders to be on the lookout for riverbank erosion.

Local Land Services Natural Resource Management Spokesperson Louise Orr said erosion damage on riverbanks, floodplains and gullies can be significant after large flooding events.

“Erosion damage is often accelerated after severe flooding, particularly if there is limited vegetation in place to bind the soil together,” Ms Orr said.

“Now that flood waters have receded, repairing and the ongoing management of riparian zones is crucial to the long-term recovery process.

“Landholders can reduce erosion on their properties by keeping stock away from the bank edge and out of the riparian zone, which could be done with fencing.

“Planting a mixture of native vegetation to maintain and widen the riparian zone is also helpful as pasture grass alone does very little to protect riverbank soil from flood events.

“It’s also important that weeds are effectively managed as they can outcompete the native vegetation in these riparian zones, which leaves the banks susceptible to erosion.”

Local Land Services has produced the ‘Managing erosion before and after floods’ guide that provides landholders with more practical tips and helpful information on erosion control.

"These measures will not only help damaged riverbanks, floodplains and gullies recover, but will also ensure they are better protected against future flooding events,” Ms Orr said.

“Local Land Services is here to offer advice for landholders to help manage erosion, so do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.”

For more information on best practice erosion control, and other ongoing flood recovery assistance, contact your closest Local Land Services office or call 1300 795 299.



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