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Archived 16 Oct 2019 - Posted: 16 Aug 2019
Boree Creek Field Day 15 March 2019
Join Sustainable Farms and our partners throughout August and September as we host a series of free Field Days focusing on farm dams, native shelterbelts and pollination.

Come and learn about the latest science and management practices from farmers and scientists. There will be farm tours, interesting speakers, and a chance to have a BBQ lunch and a chat with experts and other farmers.

“The value of good shelter and quality water for livestock performance and farm productivity should not be underestimated,” said Dr Mason Crane who runs his own family farm and is Senior Research and Extension Officer with Sustainable Farms.

“Research tells us that providing shade, wind protection and fresh water generates substantial gains in growth rates (in both cattle and sheep), wool growth, milk production and lamb survivability, gains often up to 20-30%.

“Achieving a fraction of these gains is well worth the effort, and with funding incentives often out there to help, such as Riverina Local Land Services Farm Dams for Biodiversity project, it’s a good time to get into it” Dr Crane explained.

“Many of our farmers tell us that improving shelter and water quality on farms go beyond livestock production, from creating havens for native birds and housing beneficial insects (both pollinators and natural pest control), to improving farmers’ mental health, sense of wellbeing and pride in what they do. It’s a win-win-win” Dr Crane added.

In partnership with Local Land Services and Landcare, the Sustainable Farms Field Days will be held on:

  • 23 August at Holbrook on Shelterbelts.
  • 25 August at Everton on Farm Dams.
  • 29 August at Burrumbuttock on Shelterbelts and Paddock Trees.
  • 30 August at Corowa on Pollinators and Shelterbelts.
  • 2 September at Book Book on Farm Dams.
  • 3 September at Illabo on Farm Dams.
  • 4 September at Henty on Farm Dams.
  • 9 September at Ardlethan on Farm Dams.

Sustainable Farms is an initiative of the Australian National University. If you have any questions, please email sustainable farms

Riverina Local Land Services have announced incentive funding for landholders in the area who wish to increase farm productivity and biodiversity outcomes. Deadline is August 30 to submit Expressions of Interest.

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